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  • The Rise of Energy Districts

    Posted by Rob McAtee, Director of Energy and Sustainability Services

    The Rise of Energy Districts

    Our nation’s electrical grid is an awesome creation that has transformed the landscape and brought prosperity to hundreds of millions. As an engineer, I am awed just thinking about the sheer scale of it and the countless hours of ...

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  • 7 Rules For Keeping and Maintaining Business Relationships

    Posted by Ben Lilly, Director of International Federal Programs

    7 Rules For Keeping and Maintaining Business Relationships


    Cultivating strong business relationships is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, especially in light of the economic headwinds of the past five years. Now, more than ever, businesses need to pay particular attention to ...

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  • How Does Operations Support Strategy?

    Posted by Jared Jamison, Director of Strategic Planning

    When people hear the term operations as a business function, they typically think of the day-to-day workings of a business; strategy is usually not the first thought that pops into their heads. Most definitions of business operations sound something like ...

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  • At the Forefront of Sustainability - Carbon Accounting

    Posted by Maureen Drullard, Sustainability Manager

    LEED and sustainability were once newly discussed concepts that a handful of our clients were exploring; now they are at the forefront of our design process. Today, there is a new design process we're preparing for - carbon accounting. Federal ...

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  • What Veterans Day Means To Me

    Posted by Project Manager, Brett Prillaman

    However brief and lacking, the request was made so I will attempt to deliver what Veterans Day means to me.  

    To me this is one of those “that depends” answers but is rooted much deeper, like the sailor/survivor of ...

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    Category: Culture

  • Design Excellence - It's Not Just Looks

    Posted by Ben Lilly, Director of International Federal Programs, & Stephen Butler, Embassy Program Design Manager

    Design excellence is not a new concept - it was a program originally initiated more than 50 years ago by President John Kennedy. The principles behind the Design Excellence philosophy are as relevant today as ever, but have been expanded to ...

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    Category: Innovation

  • Asset Protection

    Posted by Christine Swanson, P.E., CFPS, Senior Life Safety Engineer

    Many of us have seen the video of the aircraft hangar accidentally filled with white, billowy, high-expansion fire suppression foam during a hangar system test that ran too long.

    Yes, I am referring to the one where the hangar doors ...

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