Agile Chemical Facility, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD

This facility supports nitrate ester manufacturing at the Biazzi Plant in order to produce energetic chemicals for the defense community. The Agile Chemical Facility produces Otto Fuel II and has been the sole producer of that fuel since 1971. Otto Fuel II is used in most of the Navy's torpedoes, and by 26 U.S. allies. Mason & Hanger provided renovations to the facility in two phases, Phase II and Phase III, that included design of new buildings, acid tanks, containment structures, and other supporting equipment and facilities.

Our design utilized the Biazzi process for nitration to manufacture the energetic chemical. The project scope also included upgrades to storage and delivery facilities for chemicals and raw materials, product manufacturing, handling, and transfer facilities, as well as waste treatment facilities. Mason & Hanger also prepared plans and specifications for the demolition of several of the buildings at the Biazzi plant and adjacent Moser Plant.

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