Services // Building Sciences

The business of designing and constructing buildings has undergone dramatic change. Not only do buildings need to be functional, they must also meet a variety of important requirements related to longevity, energy-efficiency, occupant health, and sustainability.

As buildings integrate newer materials and systems, it is more critical for the design team and owners to have assurance these systems will perform as expected. Whether you're striving to reach zero site energy, source energy, or energy cost, Mason & Hanger's advanced analysis can help drive your building's use as low as possible to achieve net zero.

Specific expertise includes:
» Energy simulations
» CFD modeling
» Daylighting analyses
» Condensation studies
» Advanced electrical analyses
» Design of ground-source heat pump (GSHP) systems
» Design of central utility plants with cogeneration and renewable energy systems
» Design of naturally ventilated facilities
» Envelope thermal and moisture modeling