Services // Life Safety/Fire Protection Engineering

The design of cost-effective and well-engineered fire protection systems requires a design professional who has sound technical knowledge of fire protection systems and a thorough understanding of buildings and the construction process. Our engineers are trained and licensed in the Professional Fire Protection Engineering discipline, and they are skilled in the interpretation and application of building and fire codes.

» Fire detection and alarm systems
» Automatic sprinkler systems
» Special hazards/special suppression systems
» Life safety and code consulting services
» Egress analysis and modeling
» Hazardous materials use and storage evaluation
» Structural fire rating analysis
» Fire protection water supply systems
» Fire/smoke modeling

Code Consulting
Our design team has made huge impacts when it comes to finding cost-effective ways to work within the applicable codes. It is not always possible to meet the “letter of the code,” so it is imperative your code consultant understands the “intent of the code.” We have a thorough understanding of the interactions between various codes and standards, and view projects holistically to take advantage of the tradeoffs between the codes.  The focus is providing the level of protection required by the code, while still incorporating the needs of the owner and the wants of the Architect.